15 years of Structural Monitoring on the Buchan-Alpha

15 years of Structural Monitoring on the Buchan-Alpha

Our longest running offshore structural integrity monitoring project has finally come to an end, Buchan Alpha has been towed in to Shetland for scrap.

Mistras has been continuously monitoring the high stress areas of the submerged hull structure for the onset of cracking using arrays of AE sensors since January 2002.

The Buchan field itself was estimated to have a five year life and originally came on line in 1981. Buchan Alpha was a converted semi-submersible drill rig as it was not expected to be on station very long, it was 35 years later that production finally stopped, having produced three times the volume of oil originally expected.

The Mistras OLM structural monitoring team, networked to the monitoring systems on the platform from our Cambridge base, played a key role in supporting the continued safe operation of the platform, providing a live website, daily activity checks, and monthly reporting to the client.

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