MONPACtm evaluating structural integrity

Acoustic Emission Pressure Vessel Testing with MONPAC™
MONPAC™ is an Acoustic Emission (AE) technology package for evaluating the structural integrity of metallic pressure equipment. The method utilises proprietary multichannel AE systems and sensors that detect the high-frequency signals resulting from active defects. The systems have sufficient speed and resolution to ensure real-time, on-screen display of all activity and indications. MONPAC™ provides a severity grading for defects along with recommendations for further action. Sources of interest can be located on the equipment.
MONPAC™ can be applied during:

  • First hydrotest of new pressure equipment
  • Requalification hydrotest of used pressure equipment
  • In-service pressurisation (with working fluid or inert gas)
Detectable damage modes / mechanisms:

  • Overstress
  • Manufacturing defects (e.g. weld defects)
  • In-service defects (e.g. cracks)
  • Corrosion, including CUI.
  • Enviromentally assisted cracking (e.g. chloride-induced SCC)

Benefits of using MONPAC™

  • Rapid inspection (e.g. a 15m sphere is tested in approximately 3 days)
  • Global monitoring (100% inspection, including welds,repairs etc.)
  • Single shell, insulated and double wall equipment are routinely tested
  • Supports Non-intrusive Inspection (NII) strategies, as per DNV-RP-G103
  • Aids pre-turnaround inspection and maintenance planning
  • Reduction in inspection costs – Guiding local NDT where it is needed
  • Reduction in downtime resulting from improved information about plant condition
  • Meets the requirements of ASME-V article 12, EN 15495, EN 14584 and AFIAP
  • In-service continuous monitoring can be applied to critical assets, as per API 579

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