TALRUT - Tank Annular Long Range Ultrasonic Testing

TALRUT – Tank Annular Long Range Ultrasonic Testing

Rapid inspection of damage of the annular ring and welds of Above Ground Storage Tanks

Non Intrusive Inspection (NII) technologies can be used to provide information on the status of the tank condition while in operation.

Technologies such as Acoustic Emission (TANKPAC™), Automated Ultrasonic Thickness Mapping (LSI™) and Tank Annular Long Range Ultrasonics (TALRUT™) can yield information to support a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) approach.

TALRUT™ is an ultrasonic inspection technique developed by MISTRAS to specifically look for damage in the annular plates of metallic above ground storage tanks. The technique utilises the properties of tuned long range ultrasonic waves to obtain information about damage to the annular plate. Inspection results are presented in a tabular and graphical format. Defects severity grading and thickness are presented in tables along with the positional information about scans and defects. The graphical information provided shows all scanned areas and any defects that are found.

TALRUT Highlights

  • Quick deployment with battery Quick deployment with battery  operated equipment
  • Along with the long range UT data the  system collects thickness data on the  chime adjacent to the annular plate weld
  • Mechanised scanner to cover the  entire annular accurately and efficiently  (scanning speeds of 40-50m / shift  are expected)
  • The method uses water coupling and  some surface preparation maybe required for optimum results
  • 80% POD in industry blind trials with  the lowest false call rate out of all  techniques tested
  • More sensitive to localised damage  versus gradual thinning
  • Inspection penetration depth is 400mm but higher depths are possible
  • Semi quantitative results grade floor  damage in three categories or  “no damage”
  • Any annular plate thickness can  be inspected

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