TANKPAC – Online Condition Monitoring for Tank Floors

Evaluating overall floor condition without removing tanks from service…

TANKPAC™ is the only established tank floor grading system that has been field proven through decades of use and independently evaluated and reported by Shell International and Dow Chemical Company. TANKPAC™ provides a non-intrusive assessment of the corrosion activity of the tank floor utilising externally mounted sensors operating in the ultrasonic frequency range.

TANKPAC™ benefits:
  • Optimisation of tank operators’ Probabilistic Preventive Maintenance programs.
  • Results can be directly used in RBI programs for adjustment of assessment factors as directed by EEMUA and API engineering recommendations.
  • Allows prioritisation of maintenance budgets, allowing the operator to make more informed decisions on which tanks to inspect and when to inspect them.
TANKPAC™ key features:
  •  Can be applied to all atmospheric storage tanks, containing light, medium and heavy products and across all temperature ranges.
  • Fast and efficient testing without the need to empty the tank contents
  • Test lasts a few hours and covers the entire floor and all its features.
  • Established grading system per EN15856-2010.
  • Proprietary signal analysis software reducing reporting time and providing objective results.
Detectable damage modes:
  • Top side corrosion including all floor features.
  • Underside corrosion.
  • Roof and wall corrosion is detected but not evaluated.
  • Leaks may be detected depending on overall tank condition.

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