Confined Space & Rescue

Confined Space & Rescue

City and Guilds trained and certified site management teams

Confined Space site management

MISTRAS provide City and Guilds trained and certified confined space site management teams with well established company procedures and documentation meeting UK HSE recommendations and Confined Space Regulations 1997. We assess, prepare and monitor all types of industrial confined spaces to allow you to carry out your work safely and effectively.

We evaluate your project needs at an early stage and provide and maintain your workforce with all necessary safety equipment such as radios, escape sets, tripods, gas monitors, lighting and entry systems. For medium (NC3) and high risk (NC4) confined spaces, MISTRAS also provide dedicated highly trained onsite rescue and emergency first aid teams to ensure rapid extraction of casualties and emergency management, all of which are practised onsite with drills.

Our services are tailored to your specific needs, the duration of work, its location, the number of operatives and the tasks/risks involved in your work.

Our staff, many from the armed forces or emergency services, are also fully safety trained and certified for a wide range of sectors with CSCS, CCNSG, MIST, IRATA Rope Access, BOSIET, Working at Height for work in the following structures and industries:

  • Bridges
  • Wind turbines
  • Steel Mills
  • Offshore and onshore oil and gas
  • Vessels/Tanks
  • Basements and Tunnels

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