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Acoustic Emission – AE Systems

MISTRAS AE systems and sensors have always led the market by an enormous margin, in both range and performance.

Many MISTRAS sensors and systems are designed and built specifically for a particular clients application, but the range of standard products find their way into most industries, used in materials testing, research and development, structural testing, structural monitoring, and a whole host of other applications.

The smallest MISTRAS sensor is used in production testing of hard disc drives, there are sub-sea sensors monitoring each pile in an offshore wind farm, intrinsically safe sensors monitor separators for HIC (hydrogen induced cracking) and flexible risers for carcass and wire failure, and more than three hundred electronic sensors monitor a critical piece of London infrastructure. MISTRAS standard (AE) products, in summary:

AE Systems

Acoustic Emission (AE) Sensors:

AE sensors are a vital link in determining how to apply remedial solutions and repairs to resolve structural issues. AE sensors are used to test storage tanks, heat exchangers, piping, reactors, aerial lift devices, as well as gas, petro-chemical and nuclear power plants. MISTRAS’ sensors can be built with specific features to meet project or application specific needs.

  • Miniature sensors, where (small) size matters
  • Integral electronic sensors, the “industry standard”; high sensitivity, high noise immunity, AST auto-sensor-test pulser, long cable drive.
  • Intrinsically safe (I.S.) sensors, for use in hazardous areas of oil and gas plant; integral electronic and non-electronic, with safety barrier and interface.
  • Underwater sensors, for use underwater!
  • Extreme environment; high temperature, thermal fatigue, low temperature, high radiation, subsea, deep space, high shock, high vibration.

Acoustic Emission (AE) Systems

USB Node AE Systems
USB Node:

The 1283 USB AE Node is a full-featured, low-cost Acoustic Emission system that plugs conveniently into and is powered by the USB port of a user’s PC or laptop to maximize portability and versatility. While the system possesses all the features, capabilities and performance of a larger, standalone chassis, users also get the benefits of a USB connection – which means portability and connectivity whether you’re in the field or the lab. A single channel system in its base model can be expanded to four channels while accepting various sensors (single ended or differential) amplified by an internal low-noise preamplifier. This easily interfaces to a notebook or PC running Windows and MISTRAS’ renowned AEwin™


AE Systems - Express 8
PCI Express-8:

The Express-8 is a high-speed, 8-channel AE system on a board, based on the PCI-Express bus architecture. By utilizing PCI-Express, the latest standard for PC computer expansion cards, high maximum sustained processing speeds are achieved, with performance maintained even after system expansion. In addition to its high performance data transfer and processing rates, the Express-8 offers high channel density. At 6.5” long, it is half the size of a full-sized PCI board. This small form factor allows more AE channels to be installed in a single system. In fact, with Physical Acoustics’ Industrial Express chassis, a single AE system can be configured with up to 96 channels inside a single chassis. The board contains 8 analog parametric input channels with a +/-10V range and 10 kSPS sample rate on all channels. It includes built-in waveforms, waveform streaming and processing, and offers more than 500 selectable digital filters for sharp cutoffs and lower noise. It is compatible with all Physical Acoustics preamplifiers.


AE Systems - Sensor-Highway-II
Sensor Highway II:

A 16-channel, high-speed data acquisition system designed for unattended and remote deployment of structural health, process, and condition monitoring applications with versatile applications for bridges, power transformers, and more. Rated for outdoor use and equipped with a weatherproof enclosure, the SH-II can use a variety of sensors (AE, vibration) and operate in multiple communication interfaces (Ethernet, cellular modem, WiFi). Users can also link more than system for strategic concentration, large asset coverage, or asset-specific damage mechanisms like write break monitoring. Sensor Highway II™ comes in a variety of configurations, including those optimized for cost, networking, and remote applications.


AE Systems - Pocket AE
Pocket AE – Portable AE System:

A high performance, dual-channel Acoustic Emission system packed in a rugged, portable handheld unit optimal for use as a field survey tool. The Pocket AE offers all the performance, capabilities and features of a larger, more expensive MISTRAS’ AE system (wide bandwidth, speed, AE features, sampling rates, waveform processing, audible AE) in a compact, battery-operated package. Ideal for situations when power is not readily available; the Pocket AE is equally useful in the laboratory with two-channel capabilities and 1 channel parametric input. Its portability and versatile features make it ideal for leak detection, material and processes characterization, and screening for more detailed follow-up inspection.


AE Systems - Pocket CORPAC
Pocket CORPAC – Portable Non-Intrusive Localised Corrosion Testing System:

The Pocket CORPAC™ combines an industry staple in non-intrusive corrosion testing with the portable convenience made possible by the latest in Acoustic Emission (AE) technology. The Pocket CORPAC™ detects active localized corrosion in a variety of industrial structures and materials before costly and dangerous effects can be seen or felt. Pocket CORPAC™ can tell customers when corrosion is active, what to do to decrease or stop it, and if those solutions are ultimately working.


AE Systems - RollPAC

RollPAC™ adds an important and valuable level of safety and advanced planning to assure roll spalling integrity. During a mill crash, rolls can develop micro-cracking, which subsequently leads to: explosive fragmentation or shattering of the roll, and serious injury. Acoustic Emission technology listens for the normally inaudible sounds of micro-cracking in rolls. If rolls have active micro-cracking, they can remain in a safe storage area until the activity subsides. MISTRAS Pocket NDT line takes the same technology aluminium and steel companies have been using for 20 years, and developed an improved, portable and easy-to-use Acoustic Emission system with single-numeric AE values that simplify pass or fail process.


AE Systems - 1284

A versatile, multi-channel field deployable AE instrument that uses lower power and wireless communication technologies, the 1284 enables economical, convenient and comprehensive on-line monitoring capabilities on a variety of industrial structures. The scalable system provides up to four channels of data acquisition as well as sensor fusion capabilities, allowing integration of AE data including six parametric inputs including one strain gauge. Its wireless communication features make it ideal for a variety of monitoring solutions by eliminating the need for long cables between AE system and sensor. Since it communicates with a station wirelessly, the AE system can run on battery power, from an energy harvester, or off a solar panel.


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