Leak Detection Systems

Leak Detection Systems

MISTRAS has a range of acoustic leak detection systems and also carries out bespoke designs to meet specific client needs. MISTRAS has in excess of thirty years’ experience in acoustic leak detection on a wide variety of applications in many industries.


VPAC™ technology was originally developed by Physical Acoustics together with BP for estimating leakage rates through valves to flare in refineries, offshore platforms, and other process plant with flare systems. Key to VPAC success is the ability to operate in high noise environments, a result of the short-wavelength anti-vibration sensor technology. Subsequently a joint program between Physical Acoustics, Shell and BP, extended VPAC use to large valves in upstream oil and gas operations. Our clients have published many articles and accolades to the enormous savings that result from a properly run VPAC program. MISTRAS provides advice, training, and services both onshore and offshore.

  • VPAC™II is the latest generation portable system, intrinsically safe, quick and easy to use. With an 87 dB dynamic range, leak rate calculation in the unit in addition to the software, routing function and noise correction, it is the portable system to use for identifying and quantifying valve leakage in oil, gas, and power operations.
  • VPAC-1278 is VPAC technology for permanent installation, intrinsically safe it operates with any 24 volt galvanic barrier. A two wire 4-20ma logarithmic output to the plant DCS or other system maintains the dynamic range and performance equivalent to the portable VPACII. The VPAC-1278 is installed on thousands of emergency shutdown valves, providing the operator with essential safety information about valve passing rates in the event of an emergency shutdown. This information is impractical to collect using a portable unit since ESD valves operate in the open position and in an emergency the leak rates of many valves need to be known quickly, VPAC-1278 provides the results within seconds.
  • In the nuclear industry the VFM (valve flow monitoring) option for the LPME system allows leakage through valve to be monitored whilst using a system qualified for nuclear installations.


Triple 5 boiler steam leak detection systems are installed on more than 300 power boilers, providing early detection of steam leaks which allows operators to manage the problem cost effectively, often running the plant for weeks following initial detection. 24/7 support ensures that advice is on hand when needed. The systems use sensors mounted on waveguides welded to the outside of the boiler, making installation straightforward.

Leak detection in nuclear applications are usually a custom solution using standard MISTRAS (AE) instrumentation with leak monitoring software options. Systems are installed on PWR’s, RBMK reactors, and previously on AGR’s, monitoring pipework and vessels.

Leak detection systems in oil and gas operations use MISTRAS intrinsically safe (AE) instrumentation running AEWin™ software with the leak monitoring module.