Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Systems

UT Systems

MISTRAS UT (ultrasonic testing) products range from portable hand-held single channel to industrial production testing systems using phased-array probes and multi-axis. In many cases existing production systems can be upgraded using a MISTRAS UT system upgrade package, saving the high cost of mechanicals which may have many years of serviceable life remaining. MISTRAS standard products for UT include:

  • Pocket UT: Highly portable and versatile single channel system for field use. Saves A-scan, B-scan, and C-scan to flash card allowing transfer of data and images to a computer for viewing using UTWin software. Pocket UT is favored by rope-access technicians for its small size and light weight.
  • Tablet UT: Portable large-screen big brother of the Pocket UT system.
  • Scanners: The Pocket UT and Tablet UT work with a range of scanners:
    • RUS: The RUS rolling dry-coupled encoded scanner for getting B-Scans along and around pipework including elbows, and on plate. A “pseudo C-Scan” can be obtained when using the Pocket or Tablet UT by scanning a number of parallel strips.
    • TOFD: The TOFD scanner is for time of flight diffraction testing on welds and parent material. The high sensitivity of the Pocket UT means that no pre-amplifier is required. Note: Pocket and Tablet UT may be connected to any make of TOFD or X-Y-Z scanner.
    • Mini-Scanner: 350 mm or 600 mm wide scanning bridge magnetically attached and driven to generate C-Scan images. May be run from mains or battery.
    • Custom scanners: Various custom scanners have been developed for specific applications over the years and MISTRAS will always look at ways to solve specific client application needs. One example of this is the pipe screening system which sends sound circumferentially around small diameter pipework whilst the scan head is moved along the pipe at up to 100mm/second to screen for any damage present in the signal path. This was initially developed to screen 4700 m of boiler tube during an outage looking for corrosion pitting.