Steel Industry

Steel Industry

Focused on inspection, maintenance, and monitoring

Services for the Steel Industry

MISTRAS’ activities in the steel industry are focused on inspection, maintenance, and monitoring. Our rope access operations carry out inspection, maintenance and repair works, including welding, from ropes, significantly reducing access cost and improving safety. MISTRAS robotic LSI (Large Structure Inspection) systems are used to map corrosion on gas mains and process equipment at high speed, and for difficult to access areas the compact Pocket UT® manual scanning system is used by rope access technicians to produce wall thickness maps.

The steel industry operates a number of critical items of equipment that depend upon very slow moving bearings, MISTRAS technology for assessing the condition of these during operation is applied either during periodic testing, or by installing continuous monitoring, depending upon the criticality of the equipment, potentially saving millions in lost production should a critical bearing fail whilst supporting equipment carrying molten steel. Ore unloaders are subject to high stresses during operation, resulting in fatigue cracking, MISTRAS installs AE systems to identify cracking in the high stress areas so that inspection and repair may be directed when and where required. The same technology is applied to a wide range of steel industry structures and process plant and has been proven on blast furnace stove domes to detect fatigue and stress corrosion cracking.
Many power transformers in the steel industry are driven hard, and should they fail catastrophically there are significant safety consequences. MISTRAS PowerPAC™ technology, developed jointly with EPRI, is used to locate the source of gassing and other faults in power transformers, and to identify the conditions that result in this fault occurring, so that repair costs may be minimized and catastrophic failure avoided. Nursing a transformer, by for example running it on even taps to avoid a fault condition, can maintain production whilst a repair or replacement can be planned. A wide range of vibration and hybrid vibration/AE (acoustic emission) continuous monitoring systems are manufactured by MISTRAS, ranging from simple 4-20ma rms output vibration sensors that can be connected directly into the plant DCS, through to sophisticated systems that use hybrid sensors and FFT analysis.

Mistras has a wealth of experience is challenging the boundaries of NDT and condition monitoring to develop bespoke solutions for our customers inspection challenges.

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