Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Complete suite of inspection, repair and monitoring services

Turbine inspection, repair and monitoring services

As a worldwide leader in one-source asset protection solutions, MISTRAS Group has the technology, solutions and experience to support your wind power operations in every phase.

  • Inspection and maintenance of wind turbines from our industry-leading services team, which includes rope access and blade experts, helps eliminate costly outages and extensive repairs. Not having to rely on lifts or cranes enables our technicians to complete work efficiently and economically.
  • Our industry-unique dual-function technology uses Vibration and Acoustic Emission analysis to detect turbine failures at their earliest stages.
  • 24/7 wireless on-line monitoring technology provides a watchful eye on critical system components with the constant development of new monitoring concepts
  • Web-based Asset Condition Monitoring systems illustrate fault warnings, alarms and diagnostics from fleet level all the way down to site level.
  • World-class R&D team guiding the wind energy industry.

MISTRAS can help protect and prolong your fleet’s life with an array of asset protection solutions; all while saving costs by avoiding high-priced repairs, detecting potential issues in their infancy and prescribing preventive maintenance. Our one-of-a-kind combination of services, technology solutions and monitoring expands on a platform as a leader in traditional energy fields like refineries, offshore oil rigs, nuclear and fossil power plants and industries like aerospace and civil infrastructure. As wind power usage and the overall size and importance of wind turbines continue to grow and wind power farms continue to make their way offshore, MISTRAS can offer the highest standard in one-source wind power solutions thanks to more than 40 years of leadership in the non-destructive testing (NDT) and energy fields.

Wind Energy

Our wind technicians have one goal – keep the blades spinning. MISTRAS Wind Team offer comprehensive solutions through a combination of inspection, preventive maintenance and repair. Preventive maintenance and inspection are essential to maximise asset lifespan, asset integrity and return on investment. Our team can also be deployed quickly to respond to acute problems like lightning damage.

  • Repair and Maintenance – With 10 years of experience, our wind specialists can make repairs that prolong the lifespan and overall effectiveness of the asset and can fix damage caused by production faults; leading edge erosion; bond-line failure; moisture intrusion; installation and lightning damage and coating defects. MISTRAS is currently working alongside some of the industry’s leading blade experts to develop solutions for the LEP – Leading Edge Prevention and Protection
  • Inspection – performed using visual, camera or advanced NDT methods with findings delivered in electronic format. Inspection includes thorough assessment of blade condition, tower weld integrity, composite materials and lightning protection systems; identification of potential issues; root-cause analysis; and repair recommendations through our QA Team.

Wind Energy

As traditional and advanced NDT pioneers, we’re on the cutting edge of products, services and monitoring. And we support you in the development of maintenance concepts according to regulatory and insurance requirements. MISTRAS Wind Team specialise in inspection and maintenance of utility-scale wind turbine blades and towers using industry-leading rope access capabilities. Our experts have experience with almost every major wind turbine manufacturer in the world. Mistras Wind technicians have been working on wind energy services since 2003 and each undergoes world-class technical training in rope access and specialised disciplines such as inspection and composite technology. Both traditional and advanced NDT technology is utilised to evaluate the integrity of assets and materials.

Mistras Wind Services
  • Quality analyse and diagnosis on blade damage and failure.
  • Leading edge protection and repair solutions
  • External and internal blade inspections of composite and LPS utilising both panoblade and internal camera systems
  • Structural blade repair solutions delivered in line with OEM standards
  • Ultrasonic composite rotor blade scanning
  • Retrofit of lightning protection systems
  • NDT tower welding testing
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